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compound. >> perhaps a new foundry respect for the united states military. >> the military i have been dealing with the 82nd air porn the me aspiring to a new level. >> as the official body count in the haiti earthquake surpasses 150,000 frustration over the pass of relief. >> we have doctors at the airport and we have a nurse here that said she had 8 tons of medical supplies already on three planes in chicago that she cannot get flown in here. >> i certainly feel their str frustration. i see it on the streets. i go out every day. >> desperate, hungry and some just grieving looters go through the ruins taking everything not tied down. tonight we focus on the angels striving to redeem hell on the earth. also tonight kimberly has the latest on drew peterson, the sex clinic trying to tame the tiger and jay leno striking back. we begin in haiti with the latest. >> hi everybody welcome to a place that every american indeed every person of goodwill should be proud of. the amazing emergency medical center erected by project medishare part of university of miami global institute. behind me the
of state talks directly to the haitian people. >> the united states is a friend, a partner, and a supporter. >> but this as s. a nation stricken by anarchy and corruption in the best of times, coups, gang violence and today a shootout during a bank robbery. i had to ask secretary clinton will america's and the world's generosity be well spent? >> geraldo: are sufficient safe sals guards in place to make sure the money is spent wisely? >> yes, we have a very clear set of ground rules that will be followed. as you may know, we are working closely with the government of haiti before this tragedy and had worked out many of the issues that needed to o be addressed in order to deliver assistance and we will build on that. >> geraldo: tonight, the moment of crisis. can haiti be saved? tens of thousands of haitians, their bodies have been recovered. tens of thousands of bodies have been recovered. hundreds of thousands of haitians are homeless this night. aid is only now beginning to trickle out to the people. one of the most important issues here is security. let me start the program by introducin
: many nations led by the united states are heeding the call. >> we learn about the horrifying scope of this catastrophe, destruction and suffering that defies comprehension. that is why thousands of american personnel, civilian and military are on the scene working to distribute clean drinking water and food and medicine and thousands of tons of emergency food supplies are arriving every day. >> geraldo: and two former occupants of the white house lend their voices to what is fast becoming one of the largest relief efforts ever. >> a lot of people want to send blankets or water. just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i doll is to make sure that your money is spent wisely. as president obama said, you can look us up on >> we want to do what i did with the president's father in the tsunami area. we want to be a place where people know their money will be well spent and we will ensure the ongoing integrity of the process. >> geraldo: as fox news correspondents criss-cross the fields of the dead and broken hearted the secretary of state t
to them to go so that they can keep them on doing the paper work in the united states. >> they had emergency visas issued to 80 of the children including one of the harris children. >> yes, one of the harris children went today. >> she is still here with us and hopefully on monday she will fly home. >> why is it that just one of the harris children were able to make it on the flight? >> i think that happened like that. it is not because she doesn't have the paperwork like the birth certificate, she does, the truth is with the list, she was not on it but we are working hard to put her on the list on monday. >> what has the situation been here with the food and water and security? i know they were concerns when we were here. >> for food the situation is better. and the situation is one of concerns but we are trying to have some guards to make sure that we are safe and today we are low on water. we are going to see how we can get water for the children that are here. >> and there are still over 40 children here as you can look around and you see children still living outside of house.
the majority leader of united states senate on the phone. what did he say al i am sorry? >> he side his statements were wrong and unfortunate. i have worked with him on leg slaegs over the years he talked to me and others and it worked for them. he didn't make excuses. he dealt forthright with it. you deal with his statement and record as you deal with nefsh else. we heard a lot of statements from president clinton to joe biden to others that we had to deal with. so fine. but -- and i told him what i felt was offensive about the negro di dial elect line. he never issued a statement. he wanted me to know how he felt with it. >> didn't it tri strike you? aside from the racial thing it was harshly analytical as if african americans were a commodity, a light skinned one worth more than a dark skinned within. the dialect. >> the way of being pundant. >> he didn't say it in a way where he meant to be abrace i have. >> the way i read it is he was trying to give reasons that he felt i think he used bad terms. the reasons he felt mr. obama would be popular to a lot of americans. reasons i have h
right now with all vessels from port to port of the united states, they submit a 96 hour notice of arrival and we do security checks and go through documentation and sometimes with physical boarding teams on the vessel. with liquidfied natural gas we do board the vessel and ensure that the documentation is in order and make sure that the people that are on the ship are supposed to be there. >> first, the latest into the investigation linking the failed bomber to al-qaeda. molly hennen berg has the details. >> president obama says yemen where 23-year-old umar farouk abdulmutallab prepped for his christmas day terrorist mission is a country "grappling with crushing poverty and deadly insurgency." yemen has sent hundreds of troops to two eastern provinces in the country where the government has little control to try to root out terrorists operating there. president obama says al-qaeda in yemen and the broader arabian peninsula attacked previously. >> they bombed yemeni facilities and western hotels. restaurants and embassies, including our embassy in 2008, killing one american. i m
"patriot's history of the united states." "new deal or raw deal." you want to see the future, look at the past. woodrow wilson, "the roots >> i'm kimberly guilfoyle. he going took the night off and this is a fox news alert. tonight, a powerful winter storm is barreling through the southeast. right now, portions of virginia, the carolinas and georgia are getting hammered with up to a foot of snow while tonight an iced over oklahoma, 13,000 homes are in the dark. marianne silbur joins us from the heart of the storm in chattanooga, tennessee. >> reporter: this storm moved across tennessee yesterday and into chattanooga where we were on our way up north, trying to get further north where the storm was going to hit today. it did quite a bit of damage, dropped a lot of snow, ice. ice packed and snow packed all over every roadway. before the storm got out here, it hit arkansas and oklahoma. also here in tennessee, the governor declared a state of emergency on friday when the storm was moving through in preparation, letting some state workers and also other workers go home early. they wer
doctors to land in the united states and we established a beach head and now the calvary has arrived from every where. we are committed to haiti. i was here two webbings a -- wes ago with the president for the first critical care hospital. unfortunately the disaster came before they were ready for it. >> thank for your generosity. introduce yourself and tell me why so many medical professionals risk so much to come here? >> it's a terrible tragedy. we are here because we want to save lives, kids lives, baby's lives adults lives. it's a real war zone as far as the casualties are concerned. we are here to help as many people as we can. we have a team of doctors working together from university in miami and the fact that we are able to make a difference and save lives is really why we are doctors in the first place. >> thank you for everything you do. especially you dr. ginsburg. we went to the orphanage we told you about in the first hour desperate staff, children, looters, craig and jonathan hunt were there earlier in the day they made the call out to get help from the orphanage. before we
to run an open letter in major newspapers tomorrow and monday in the top markets in the united states. the ad is the first time toyota is addressing the public on the safety concerns. kimberly? >> all right, laura ingle, thank you. craig rivera hit the test track with consumer reports to show first hand the design flaws causing these crashes. >> toyota's problems with sticking accelerator caused them to recall as many as 9 million vehicles worldwide. that is almost as many as all the cars sold in the united states in 2009. david champion is director of automotive testing for consumer reports. is this an unprecedented problem? >> this is a huge recall that toyota has put out, one of the biggest we have seen in the united states. the obvious danger is not being able to stop your car at it goes down the highway at a high rate of speed. that is what happened to an off duty california highway patrol officers and h his family in a runaway lexus last summer. >> we are going 120. we are in trouble. we have no brakes. we are approaching an intersection. oh oakland. >> hello? >> all four occupa
is retired colonel of the united states marine corps bill cowan. director of terrorism law alcott and from the rig began be administration casey mcfarland. what's going on with these rules? >> it's about time.ed we should have done this right after the september 11th attacks. the problem with what we have done is we have been looking for stuff to make bombs out of what we should have been looking for is terrorists. we will be a step behind if what we are looking for is the way they set off the last bomb or the last threat. we have to start profiling not racial profiling but we have to profile looking for terrorists. >> sounds like our whole approach is wrong. >> otherwise you will always be behind. you will never be ahead of what's the next thing they are thinking of. you have to look at the people. >> you are always fighting the last war as they say about generals. >> we will bring in a colonel now. what do you think about this? >> i love what casey is saying. she is absolutely right. we are dealing with a sophisticated enemy. every time we find a technological way to thwart him we are pl
to the united states. >> geraldo: speaking about unorthodox, michael jackson one of the most unorthodox people ever in american history. a case now where they are reporting that a grand jury is about to indict dr. conrad murray, the attending physician, the house physician that michael used for involuntary manslaughter. what is your sense of the case? are those reports accurate? >> those are reports and the grand jury is secret. but i will say when people play around, people meaning doctors and others who facilitated play around with dangerous drugsed a kill people that gets to the point of manslaughter, maybe second-degree murder depending upon what the facts are. without specifying in the outcome in this case, i do think doctors who take care of celebrities by filling their inor did i nate needs to get high or reduce pain with these substances need to be held to the stan tard. the standard. evacuees arthese are educated d they need to be held to that level. >> geraldo: attorney general thank you for joining me. >> coming up, my brand new >> coming up, my brand new information n n n bull mark
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)